Laura Boswerger on the value of staying close to nature

A red barn and a green pasture with goats and trees
Laura Boswerger headshot

Laura Boswerger and her husband, Michael, are passionate animal and nature lovers. They met at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia where Laura volunteered. Today, they live close to nature in Connecticut, where they built a barn for rescued farm animals (pictured above). Laura is a managing director at a financial services firm and is a dedicated WWF supporter and a member of the National Council.

Why is being close to nature important to you?

After more than a decade in New York City, my family moved to Connecticut to be closer to nature. One of my earliest memories is of visiting my grandparents in rural Vermont and searching for frogs in their pond with my dad. I think looking for these tiny creatures instilled a lifelong love for nature in me. It’s something I hope to do for our daughter, who is almost two. In Connecticut, we have enough space to take care of rescued goats, pigs, sheep, and special needs dogs and cats. We are definitely a nature- and animal-focused household!

What inspired you to become a National Council member?

As a child, I knew WWF to be an incredibly well-respected organization, and I’ve always been passionate about the causes WWF gets behind. As an adult, WWF’s big-picture, holistic approach to conservation resonates with me, so I’ve sought out ways to get more involved. I’ve been a WWF supporter since before I met my husband. In fact, I reached out to WWF for advice when I was thinking about volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia in 2015. That’s where I met Michael, who worked there. The rest is history.

Why are the majority of your gifts to WWF unrestricted?

I’ve been impressed by the transparency and communication I receive from WWF staff. I feel like I’m a partner—not just a donor—in all that the organization does. It’s enabled me to learn more about the work and understand its impact. I fully trust WWF to use my support in the best way possible. I hope 20 years from now, my daughter can enjoy wildlife and nature because of all WWF does to protect them.

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