A WWF Special Report: Partnering for Nature and People

A humphead Maori wrasse on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia. The coral is vibrant under the sunny surface. Lots of other small tropical fish swim.

This special report, prepared by WWF's Chief Conservation Officer Nik Sekhran, illustrates the urgency of the current moment in the global conservation movement and why we have reached this unique inflection point. The report also details what WWF is doing to capitalize on the extraordinary opportunities in front of us, and how your generous support will continue to make a difference for nature and people.

Please, as you learn more about WWF's approach to creating solutions and all we are doing to seize this moment, consider increasing your commitment to conservation by becoming a Leadership Partner today.

Publications & Files

  • Leadership Partners: An Eco Awakening ,

    As our world continues to change around us—as forests burn and wildlife habitat vanishes, as oceans rise and freshwater habitats recede—it becomes all too clear how much of our future and, ultimately, our way of life are intertwined with a healthy planet.