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Aaron A. McNevin, Ph.D

Director, Sustainable Food

Aaron McNevin directs the aquaculture program at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the Food Sustainability team. Aaron has lived and worked in Indonesia, Thailand and Madagascar and currently conducts various projects throughout the developing world assisting producers to become compliant with Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification and developing business-case approaches that are inherently self-serving for aquaculture producers, but also reduce the impacts of production. He has worked for WWF for 8 years, leading the first ISEAL-accredited aquaculture standards roundtable to completion to launch the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) label. His expertise has brought people together to understand the science of the negative impacts of aquaculture and generate performance targets that measurably reduce these impacts. He also played a dual role in a unique partnership between WWF and American Red Cross (ARC) following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami where he provided oversight and support to all ARC livelihood projects in Indonesia associated with the disaster response and recovery effort. Aaron was previously a professor of fisheries science where he conducted research in flowing water and pond aquaculture, quantitative techniques in fishery assesments, limnology, fish pathology and human dimensions of fisheries management. Aaron received his MS and PhD from Auburn University in Water and Aquatic Soil Chemistry where he conducted coastal habitat impact assessments of shrimp farming in northeast Madagascar.