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Adam Dixon

Conservation Geographer - WWF–US

Adam Dixon is a five year veteran at WWF using geographic information to generate more informed land use decisions. Adam works with and develops desktop, mobile, and web-based geographic applications for data collection and modeling ecosystem information. He is interested in applying spatial analyses in combination with remote sensing to generate a sense of ownership, and thus better management of the Earth’s ecological systems by civil society, non-profit, and governmental organizations across the globe. His recent work has included developing a global map of grassland ecosystems to integrate biodiversity value into formal policy making, generating land use planning maps in Colombia and Indonesia, developing a web-based collaborative mapping application for land use decision making in Indonesia, and evaluating ecosystem services to integrate into infrastructure development in Myanmar. Adam believes that spatial information is a key component to decision making in support of nature conservation, and that how we design that information, and interact with it, helps determine how successful we are. Adam received his M.S. in Geographic Information Science at Northwest Missouri State University, and B.A. In Environmental Studies at University of Kansas.