Background on APRIL

In continuing efforts to hold accountable companies that have had the greatest negative impact on Indonesia’s rainforests, earlier this year WWF and other NGOs recently lodged a complaint with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) was in violation of FSC’s “Policy for Association.” This policy is in place to ensure that FSC only associates with companies committed to the basic fundamental principles of responsible forest management.

The joint-NGO complaint to FSC documents APRIL’s and its wood suppliers association with continued widespread deforestation activities, as well as social conflicts with local communities, by APRIL in Indonesia, particularly the island of Sumatra. Following this letter, APRIL withdrew its FSC certificates.

In a subsequent statement, FSC states that there is no longer any association between APRIL and FSC. Additionally FSC clarified that, given the allegations made by NGOs, which were in part acknowledged by APRIL, any company linked to APRIL would be subject to scrutiny before being considered again for FSC certification.

WWF calls on paper buyers to avoid buying APRIL paper brands until APRIL and its wood suppliers stop destroying Sumatran rainforests. APRIL sells papers in the US under the brand names Paper One and Excellent Copy Paper.