Can You Tell What This Spotted Animal Is?

Q. What animal blends in perfectly with Asia’s steep and rocky high mountains?

snow leopard

© Ola Jennersten / WWF-Sweden

Snow leopard!

Snow leopards play a key role as a top predator, an indicator of the health of their high-altitude habitat, and, increasingly, an important indicator of the impacts of climate change on mountain environments. If snow leopards thrive, so will countless other species and the largest freshwater reservoirs of the planet.

Bhutan’s National Snow Leopard Survey 2022-2023 shows promising evidence that Bhutan’s conservation efforts positively impact snow leopard populations and that their habitat in the alpine mountain ecosystem is healthy. The survey involved 310 camera traps across 2.2 million acres of the big cat’s range.

Read the full survey to discover just how much the snow leopard population in Bhutan has grown since 2016.