Celebrating women in conservation: America May Pintabutr


“As a conservationist working to influence US laws and policies, I work every day toward putting myself out of a job – because that would mean that I’ve done something right.”

America May Pintabutr
Policy Specialist

What I do for nature

I currently manage our relationships with the US government and lead policy advocacy for the lower 48 states on issues such as agriculture, energy, public lands, and private lands policies. I work on international freshwater policy, focusing on transboundary freshwater management and incorporating the role of water and the environment in US foreign policy.

Why I do it

It’s my job to stay up to date on the action in our nation’s capital and to share with WWF’s members the ways in which the US government is impacting our conservation goals. It is important to let people know how they can directly create change by calling or writing to their congressional representatives or signing a petition. That’s my part of the puzzle: to work with US citizens and the US government, and to be a drumbeat for the places, water, and wildlife at stake.