Change the Way You Think

The Impact of Our Daily Choices May Be Greater Than We Realize

The seemingly isolated actions we take every day—from our choice of morning beverage to our choice of business practices—leave an imprint on some of the world’s most valuable and threatened places. Take a few minutes to learn more about your food, your laptop and your morning coffee.

Doing More With Less

We are consuming natural resources at a rate faster than the Earth can replenish them. WWF Living Planet Report shows we are currently consuming the equivalent of 1.5 planets to support human activities.

For bankers, this is equivalent to living on the principle; for farmers, it is like eating your seed. We are quite literally eating the planet.

In short, we need to change the way we think about everything, but especially about where and how we live, work and travel, along with what and how much we consume.

Change the Way You Think About Everything

Changing how we think leads to more questions. More questions lead to more answers.

On a finite planet, sustainability can't be something we choose or not choose. Every product needs to be more sustainable than the last. That kind of thinking could really change the world.

Small actions can make a big difference.

Broad changes can happen if we change the way we think about the products we depend on, sending signals to the market about what we want. Only then will the solutions become reality.

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