Colby Loucks

Senior Director, Conservation Science

Colby specializes in GIS, biodiversity conservation, landscape ecology, conservation biology, biogeography and conservation planning. In his current role, Colby oversees work on valuing ecosystem services and conservation planning in support of regional agricultural policies.

Colby has previously provided satellite-based mapping technology for some of the most advanced conservation research and discovery efforts of the last decade. He led a 2004 giant panda study that helped lead to the establishment of seven new protected areas and five new panda corridors in the Qinling Mountains. More recently, he’s led a collaborative projects defining remaining priority area of tigers; quantified potential impacts of sea level rise on tiger habitat in the Sundarbans mangroves, Bangladesh; and identified movement corridors for pronghorn migrations in Montana and Canada. Colby earned his MEM in resource ecology from Duke University and his BS in biology from The College of William and Mary.

Email: [email protected]