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WWF sees great success when our Partners join us in advocating for change.

Your Voice Matters

One recent victory happened earlier this year when President Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, recommitting America to more responsible agriculture. Instrumental to this outcome was the more than 30,000 WWF activists who reached out to Farm Bill Conference Committee Members to ensure that the final bill included key WWF priorities. These Federal Crop Insurance Reforms include conservation compliance for crop insurance premium subsidies and a Sodsaver provision for the states facing the greatest losses of grasslands and wetlands. Together, these reforms help protect millions of acres of environmentally sensitive lands, including grasslands and wetlands, and guarantee that millions of tons of soil remain on the land, instead of in our waterways, thereby also improving water quality and the health of our aquatic resources.

The success we saw with this campaign was due in large part to the activism of the WWF network.

Write a Postcard

Hand-written notes are a rare commodity on Capitol Hill. By taking the time to personally show your support for a sustainable future, you’re helping World Wildlife Fund achieve the policy victories of tomorrow. The most powerful advocacy tool is your personal story. The following tips and sample language will help you communicate your ideas and beliefs.

Did You Know?

Your local representatives track issue-specific communications from their constituents and they often depend on these contacts to help them decide where to focus their attention. Your message does not go unheard — every time you raise your voice it makes a difference!

Writing Tips

  • Identify where you live by city and state
  • Explain why you value international conservation with a personal story

Sample Language

Dear Congresswoman/Congressman/Senator____(last name)____:

My name is ____(full name)____, and I live in ____(city, state)____. International conservation is important to me because _______________. I ask that you stand with me to support the world’s oceans, forests, and biodiversity.


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