Education for Nature: Continuing the Legacy

EFN Alumni Group Photo 

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Nelly Kadagi Director of Conservation Leadership and the Education for Nature Program

In the face of rapidly growing threats to biodiversity, there is a greater sense of urgency for developing and scaling up conservation capacities. More specifically, evidence across the globe continues to demonstrate that conservation success depends on developing and supporting committed individuals and institutions who are the driving force in addressing the threats to the natural world.

Over the last 27 years, WWF’s Russell E Train Education for Nature Program (EFN) has spearheaded effective and long-term solutions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by providing financial support for education, research, and professional growth, all of which are critical to fueling the current and next generation of conservation leaders. To date, we are proud to note that the program has supported over 2,100 individuals, 650 institutions, and countless diverse networks.

In this webinar, Dr. Kadagi takes a deeper dive into EFN, highlighting the successes and opportunities within our conservation capacity development initiatives. Three EFN alumni will discuss their journeys and experiences within the conservation space and discuss the efforts in broadening the pipeline of conservation leaders. Join us as we engage our alumni, identify outstanding questions and challenges in supporting the next generation of conservation leaders, and consider how we can collectively support effective and long-term solutions in a post-COVID world.