Faith-motivated Youth: Stories

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  • An Eye-Opening Visit to Shenandoah Valley

    By Calvin Jackson

    "To wake up and simply walk outside and be able to breathe the air that nature intended for us to breathe is truly an experience that every man should endeavor."

    Calvin Jackson
  • The Value of Nature to a Young Photographer

    By Andy Austin

    "Because of my love for nature, I also have a passion for protecting it, as it has become a part of my core values. …Nature is my church; the calmness, serenity and connection I feel to God while outdoors is stronger than it ever could be anywhere else."

    Andy Austin
  • Experiencing Nature Through Meditation

    By Lena Suponya

    "The meditation discipline of paying attention was not easy; but accepting the fact that nature and its inhabitants are being destroyed is harder. I knew from then on that preserving our natural environment is my calling, my purpose in life."

    Lena Suponya
  • Running to Protect the Environment

    By Brianna Reeves

    "Helping others and protecting the rivers and streams that God put on the Earth in places like Africa, the Amazon and our own neighborhoods are values that are at the heart of my Christian faith. In this world of technology, the environment—the natural world—is a way to tune out."

    Brianna Reeves
  • Growing Up in Awe of the Great Outdoors

    By Tania Segura, WWF Staff Member

    "As I try to be a good steward of our precious resources, I think about what it means to be a disciple of Christ and a protector of Creation, and I hope my actions in this life help maintain the sanctity of the gifts bestowed upon us."

    Tania Segura
  • Achievements Based on Conservation

    By Joan Godoy

    "I think that everything that the human race has been able to accomplish, it's been inspired by or based on nature. Therefore it is a responsibility to do something about it to protect it and to work toward the conservation of it."

    Joan Godoy