Food: The Power is on Your Plate

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WWF’s Science for Nature Seminars provide a regular forum for the conservation community to learn, discuss, network and inspire. The series seeks to advance the discussion of cutting edge research relating to international conservation by featuring distinguished scientists from across the globe. Seminars are:

  • Free
  • Open to the public
  • Held remotely via Zoom (registration is required to receive link to the event)

For more information, contact Kate Graves at 202-495-4604.

It is well-documented that how we produce and consume food plays a major role in climate change and nature loss – and that it could get worse as we strive to feed a bigger and richer population. But food systems can also be part of the solution, not just for food security, but also for a nature-positive, carbon-neutral future. Although we need food system transformation and a level of collaboration never seen before on the global level, local actions will look different around the world and rely on very different stakeholders. There are just nine harvests left in which we must make significant progress or face irreversible damages – collaboration and transformation needs to happen now.

This series, jointly presented by WWF Food and the Fuller Science for Nature Fund, will feature a dozen experts from across the food system and explore some of the most pressing issues: from how to achieve healthy and nutritious diets for all, to the role of our oceans in providing food; from the importance of pastoral communities in Africa to the role of public-private partnerships. Join us as we discuss how to work together to deliver a sustainable future, in which everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.

Series Overview:

  1. Johan Rockström: The Urgent Need for a Food System Transformation – Why a transformation of the global food system is critical for meeting global commitments such as the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  2. Agnes Kalibata: A Call for Collective Action on Food – An overview of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit and why collective action is needed from all citizens to radically change the way we produce, process, and consume food. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  3. Walter Willett: Healthy Diets for Healthy People – A discussion of the latest research on the science behind healthy diets and the urgent need to change what we eat. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  4. David Tilman: Food Systems to Safeguard Biodiversity and Nature – An overview of the latest science on the central role that food plays in safeguarding biodiversity and nature. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  5. Renata Micha: The State of the World’s Nutrition – An overview of the 2020 Global Nutrition Report and how the world is doing on achieving global nutrition goals. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  6. Tara Garnett: Grazed and Confused – The role of grazing livestock in a healthy and sustainable food future. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  7. Lawrence HaddadWhat lurks beneath – The hidden factors stopping food system transformation and how to bring them into the light. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  8. Sunita Narain: Leading the Way – The important role that India can play in showing the world that a healthy and sustainable food system is achievable.[Bio] [Watch the recording]

  9. Kristian Teleki: Food from the Ocean – The importance of food from the ocean in feeding the planet. [Bio] [Watch the recording]

  10. Jessica Fanzo: Can Everybody Win? – A discussion of the tradeoffs that must be considered and addressed with a global food system transformation. [Bio] [Watch the Recording]