Fur Seal

Antarctic fur seal

You're on your way to catch an international flight when you get a call from a good friend. He's planning a bachelor party and wants you to bring back aphrodisiacs as a gag gift. Before you can reply, he rings off.

After settling into your seat and the plane takes off, you replay the conversation in your head. Hmmmmmmm. You seem to recall seeing somewhere (maybe the WWF Web site) that so-called aphrodisiacs are made from the testes and penis of the male fur seal.

The seal parts are believed to help with impotence, decreased sexual drive and as an aversion to cold. And, while many animal parts are purported to have aphrodisiac effects, scientific studies are inconclusive. Furthermore, the US prohibits the import of seal products, so you can't get these products legally anyway!

As you pass on the airplane food and opt for a snooze, you promise yourself that when you get back, you're going to give your friend a piece of your mind -- not a "piece" of seal. (Sorry, I couldn't help it).