Give the Gift of Stock

Protect Nature through a Gift of Securities (Stock, Mutual Funds, Bonds)

Did you know that you can receive significant tax benefits by donating appreciated stocks, mutual funds, or bonds to charity? A gift to WWF of appreciated securities means you can support our important work and reduce your capital gains tax liability, which can be a significant savings for highly appreciated assets. There are also other ways to use a gift of stock to help both you and nature, like using it to fund a charitable gift annuity and obtain an income stream for life.

Stock Transfer Instructions

There are 2 ways to make a gift of stock

  1. Use a third-party online tool
    • The simplest, fastest way to donate your appreciated stock is through this outside online donation tool, which will complete your paperwork with the information you enter electronically and autofill WWF’s brokerage information in just a few minutes. The tool will then send the transfer instructions directly to your brokerage and alerts WWF immediately that your transfer is underway, which allows us to monitor the transfer progress so we can properly thank you once it has been completed.
  2. Direct transfer from your broker
    • If you would rather complete your stock donation offline, please give your broker the transfer instructions in this link. This will provide information to facilitate the electronic transfer, receipt, and proper acknowledgement of your gift.
    • If you do choose this option, it is very important that you also complete the form and e-mail, mail, or otherwise deliver it to us. Our broker often receives stock transfers without the donor’s identity included, so completing this simple form will help us identify your gift quickly. If you prefer, you can e-mail the information about your gift to [email protected].
    • If you are using stock to fund a charitable gift annuity, contact [email protected].
    • If you have stock certificates in hand, please contact WWF at 1-888-993-1100, or email [email protected] for instructions. Also, if the value of your securities has declined since you purchased them, it may be to your advantage to sell them and give the cash proceeds instead. Please check with your professional advisor for details.


To properly attribute your generous contribution, and avoid any delay in its acknowledgement, please make sure your donation includes your full name and address. We often receive donations from financial institutions without sufficient information to identify the donor. To confirm your donation has been properly attributed and acknowledged, please contact us at 1-800-960-0993 or via email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

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