Helen E. Fox, Ph.D.

Director, Marine Science

Helen specializes in coral reef ecology, marine conservation, marine protected area science and interdisciplinary collaboration. Her current research interests include leading the marine science group within WWF’s Conservation Science Program and providing technical and scientific support to the marine areas where WWF works, with particular focus on the Coral Triangle.

In addition to directing the CSP’s marine science group, Helen is conducting interdisciplinary research to examine links between marine protected areas (MPAs), sustainable fishing, and livelihoods in order to design MPAs that both deliver benefits to people and preserve biodiversity. Helen has worked as a naturalist, snorkel and dive guide, and marine conservation researcher on projects in Indonesia, Australia, Belize, the Solomon Islands, and the U.S. She received her Ph.D. in integrative biology from UC Berkeley in 2002, investigating coral reef recovery and rehabilitation options from blast fishing in Indonesia.

Email: [email protected]