Kristen Bell commits to sustainable laundry practices. Will you? Take the pledge

Kristen Bell

Believe it or not, you can help save the planet every time you do laundry. Running a washer and dryer requires energy to heat water and power the machines. But that energy can emit carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas that traps heat and contributes to climate change. Plus, washers require fresh water, a precious resource that fuels everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear.

Luckily, in just three simple steps you can change your laundry routine and have a big impact on the environment. 

"Leading up to Earth Day, I’ve joined forces with Tide purclean and World Wildlife Fund to help convert as many homes as possible to energy-saving laundry habits," said Kristen Bell. "Join me and take the pledge."

  1. Wash with cold water

    Switching to cold water for one year saves enough energy to:

    • Drive more than 300 miles
    • Charge your phone for a lifetime
    • Power your TV for 4 months
  2. Use a high efficiency washer when possible

    Compared to other washers, high efficiency machines

    • Deliver 65% energy savings
    • Use 3x less water
  3. Follow the care label instructions

    Carefully following washing instructions on labels extends the life of clothing and

    • Helps reduce the 21 billion pounds of textile waste going into landfills each year
    • Gives them an extra 15 years of use

Adopt eco-friendly laundry habits. Take the Tide purclean™ and WWF sustainable laundry pledge and see how three simple steps can have a big impact on the planet.

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