Leadership Partners In Their Own Words: Tarek Hassan & Simon Rees

“It’s been a truly rewarding experience for us. We enjoy being part of a community of other Leadership Partners who care deeply about the future of our planet and all its inhabitants.”

Tarek Hassan & Simon Rees
Leadership Partners, Massachusetts

Today, we call Massachusetts home, but we will always consider ourselves global citizens.

When we think about the continued health of the planet, we picture the trees behind our house and the forest behind Tarek’s childhood home in Germany, or the deserts of Cairo where grass rarely grows. These places, like much of our Earth, are threatened by climate change, overdevelopment, and habitat loss—all issues that WWF is fighting every day.

Our love of nature comes from both an emotional place and an intellectual one—the economy is tied to natural resources in vital ways, and when nature thrives, so do communities.

So, as fellow World Wildlife Fund supporters, we want to explain why we decided to make an increased commitment to our planet by investing in WWF.

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We both believe that stemming climate change is, without question, the most serious issue facing the planet right now. As an economist, Tarek says some things are absolutely clear. “Every cent we are not spending on a green economy today is going to cost us dearly in the future.”

The way WWF works to address the impacts humans have on the planet and on interconnected issues like climate change and habitat loss is why we decided to become Leadership Partners a few years ago. We’d supported WWF for over a decade and when we were able to step into a leadership role with our giving, we knew it was the right choice for us...to help lead the fight for nature.

We have high hopes that you will decide to join us by increasing your support to the Leadership Partner level with a gift of $10,000 or more.

It’s been a truly rewarding experience for us. We enjoy being part of a community of other Leadership Partners who care deeply about the future of our planet and all its inhabitants. WWF creates opportunities for us to meet each other and share ideas.

Plus, WWF really cares about what we think. They keep us well informed with insider updates from researchers and wildlife teams. We engage regularly with leading experts at WWF—the very people on the frontlines of this important work.

We truly believe that if you decide to join this prestigious group of supporters today, you will find it profoundly rewarding as well.

As one of the most globally respected conservation organizations, WWF has an incredible track record of success. We have confidence in their ability to achieve real progress for wildlife.

And there’s another reason we became Leadership Partners, one that is closer to our hearts. You see, we have a young son who’s just a few months old as we’re writing this to you.

We want him to be able to experience stunning natural landscapes here in the US and around the world. We want him to see iconic wildlife in their native habitats. And, we want him to have the healthy food and water sources he needs to thrive.

This is a critical moment in human history. We still have time to save the wildlife we love and protect our planet from climate change. It’s going to be a lot of work, but each of us can do our part. For our son, and the world’s children, we must not fail.

Our partnership with WWF has been deeply rewarding for us, and we know it will be for you as well. 

With gratitude,

Tarek Hassan & Simon Rees
Leadership Partners

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