Make Smart Choices

A good buy — whether gift or souvenir — will save wildlife and boost the local economy.

As you soak up the Caribbean experience, you’ll find many wildlife and plant products for sale. Please consider the enormous impact of your purchasing power. Think twice and ask at least a few questions before buying that charming tortoiseshell souvenir, beautiful coral jewelry or snakeskin belt.

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Think about where that article comes from, how much was taken and whether nature can replace it. Ask if it is legal to transport the article back to your home country and if the piece complies with international wildlife trade agreements like CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Respecting these restrictions will go a long way to ensuring that future generations will share your experience in the Caribbean.

You’ll probably see beautiful crafts made from tortoiseshell, coral, shells, or reptile skins in marketplaces. Some of these products, even if legal in other countries may not be legal or may require special permits to import in the United States and Europe.

Have a fun trip and leave with great memories, photos of your adventures and souvenirs that are good buys for nature.


Remember, even if a product is openly offered for sale, it may not be legal or sustainable.

We put good environmental practices to use in ways that travelers may not think of.