Mexico's Baja Peninsula

A Special WWF Partners Adventure to the Sea of Cortez and Southern Baja Peninsula with WWF-Mexico's Maria Jose Villanueva (Sold Out)

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To register or if you have questions, please contact Emily Schulman at Iconic Adventures at (844) 642-6642 or [email protected]

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The Baja Peninsula supports an amazing diversity of marine life, including many species of reef fish, sharks, whales and marine turtles. As tourists flock to the beautiful landscapes and unique coastline, WWF works with partners to ensure that the region remains a healthy and productive ecosystem that can support local communities as well as the abundant wildlife within and near its waters. On this expedition, accompanied by Maria Jose Villanueva and researchers from WWF-Mexico, we begin in Los Cabos for a private humpback whale watching excursion. We travel to La Paz where experts will take us to the beautiful island of Espiritu Santo.

While visiting the island, we will have a chance to swim with the local sea lion colony and lookout for humpback whales. Dolphins, whale sharks, and other species of whales are among the marine animals we hope to encounter. After La Paz, we escape to Magdalena Bay for a two-night camping adventure to see the amazing gray whales that travel to these protected waters. We will also participate in a marine turtle monitoring project with Grupo Tortuguero, which partners with WWF to monitor endangered sea turtles.

Reservation Info/Trip Details
Dates: March 8–15, 2020

Price: $5,925

Single Occupancy: An additional $445

Deposit: $500 per person (non-refundable)

Group size: Limited to 14 guests

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About Our Expert

Portrait of WWF expert, Maria Jose Villanueva

For over eight years Maria Jose Villanueva has worked with WWF-Mexico, helping establish a nationwide partnership with over 60 NGOs, indigenous communities, local and federal governments, and private sector businesses to conserve Mexico's unique biodiversity. She also helped develop WWF-Mexico's five-year strategic conservation plan and worked to protect species such as the monarch butterfly and the vaquita. As the current Conservation Director, she now leads the Ocean, Terrestrial Ecosystem, Climate Change, and Freshwater programs. Prior to WWF, Maria Jose earned her PhD in Marine Sciences and Limnology with an emphasis in marine mammals from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology as well as worked for several conservation organizations in Mexico, and taught biology and conservation courses.

To register or if you have questions, contact Emily Schulman at Iconic Adventures at (844) 642-6642 or [email protected]