Non-Fungible Planet

Non-fungible: something that is unique, irreplaceable, and non-interchangeable.

Exactly like our planet.

This Earth Day, YouTube sent content creators around the world to explore unique locations and celebrate the wonderment of our rare, one-of-a-kind planet. YouTube is supporting WWF and other environmental non-profit organizations to help protect these incredible ecosystems.

While Earth Day is only one day, our planet will always be irreplaceable, and something to celebrate. We hope you enjoy the adventures of these creators and feel inspired to explore what is under your own two feet. 

Check out some unique ecosystems around the world in the eco-excursion's series here:

You can help protect nature, too. Here’s how:

  • Reconnect with nature by taking a walk in the woods.
  • Opt for biking, walking, or public transportation instead of driving.
  • Switch to LED lights.
  • Skip unnecessary single-use plastics.
  • Don’t buy any illegal wildlife products, and report any you see online to the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking.
  • Plant a pollinator garden. You can find native plants for your area here.
  • Eat a planet-based diet.
  • Be an ambassador in your community. Learn more about becoming a Panda Ambassador.