#RideGreen with Lime and WWF

We are joining forces with Lime—the largest micromobility provider—for healthier cities in the fight against climate change. Our global initiative includes education to promote cleaner modes of transportation and grassroots advocacy to advance more sustainable urban mobility.

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More than half the world’s population now lives in cities which account for 70% of global carbon emissions. And a huge chunk of those emissions is caused by the transport of people and goods.

The shift from carbon-intensive transportation to a low- or zero-carbon sector is one of the greatest challenges facing cities today. But solutions do exist and WWF’s goal is to support the development and dissemination of these solutions.

At WWF we work closely with local governments, solution-providers and other key stakeholders to promote the design of “streets for people” rather than cars. The health, social and environmental benefits of allocating space and resources to safe, reliable public transportation, bike lanes and sidewalks for pedestrians are clear.

Micromobility for last-mile transportation in cities is an important piece of this puzzle. And that’s why WWF is joining forces with Lime, the leading micro-mobility company in the world today. Our partnership sets out to create more livable, pollution-free cities. The “Ride Green” initiative will include education and advocacy, and offer Lime riders an opportunity to support WWF’s work for sustainable urban development.