Spotted Cats

Spotted cat coatWhoa! This is an interesting garment. Lately top fashion designers are using fur, and fashion magazines have declared that it is back. It is exotic and appeals to many people. Sometimes fur is easier and cheaper to purchase while traveling abroad.

The fur is a spotted pattern and the colors are so unique. While you like to showcase the souvenirs you pick up on holiday, and you love those animal prints, this is not something that you would want to show off, or be proud of. This fur could mean extinction for the big spotted cats like jaguar, snow leopard, tiger and from most smaller cats, such as ocelot, margay and tiger cat.

These furs are not "in" and should be considered a fashion tragedy. So start your own fashion trend and avoid illegal furs. Besides they look so much better on their original owners.

Customs officials will enforce national legislation and CITES restrictions, to prevent products made from spotted cats from entering trade illegally. So if you purchase a fur coat, purse, or rug it will be confiscated and you could be charged with hefty fines.