Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade Online The world's most endangered species are under threat from an unexpected source — the internet.

Think you've found an endangered animal or animal product for sale online?

Complete this form to report suspected illegal wildlife products including live endangered species or products made from their parts for sale online. The information you share is anonymous. We will review the listings and work with Coalition company partners to remove those accordingly.

What is illegal wildlife trade?

Illegal wildlife trade is when live endangered animals, artifacts or products made from their parts, like elephant ivory, sea turtle leather, or jaguar teeth, are marketed and sold.

The use of social media and e-commerce platforms to illegally trade endangered animals has become the dominant pathway for connecting buyers and sellers around the world. This high-value trafficking poses enormous risk to wild populations of protected animals and to human health.

What to Consider Before Buying an Exotic Pet

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From tie-dye tree boas to serenading songbirds, research has demonstrated a love for exotic pet ownership. Pet owners want what is best for their animals and WWF’s Responsible Pets Guide aims to provide the resources and considerations you need prior to obtaining an exotic pet, to make informed decisions about pet ownership for yourself, your community, and the environment. Learn more about what to consider before buying an exotic pet here.