Success Stories

The 3% Solution has become a widely recognized guidebook for how corporate America can pro?tably reduce emissions, receiving coverage from Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and other prominent publications. Here are just a few success stories of companies that are using the framework to align their goals with the science and improve their bottom lines.

  • In February 2014, GE announced a new goal for GHG reductions through 2020. This new goal is a 20% absolute reduction from a 2011 baseline of operational GHG emissions and was developed in concert with The 3% Solution.
  • In early 2014, Colgate announced a commitment to reduce GHG emissions on an absolute basis by 25 percent compared to 2002, with a longer-term goal of a 50 percent absolute reduction by 2050 compared to 2002. These goals are in line with The 3% Solution.
  • Brown-Forman, setting its second-generation GHG reduction target in 2013, wanted a goal that was aligned with science, meaningful to its business, and ambitious. Among other tools, Brown-Forman used The 3% Solution as guidance, which suggests absolute reduction for sectors, including consumer staples, based on net savings opportunities.