Take Action Every Month With Panda Ambassador Monthly Challenges

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Monthly Challenges are Panda Ambassador-led initiatives that provide a fun way for Ambassadors to take action for the environment every month. Each challenge is themed around an environmental issue, such as sustainability in fashion or plastic pollution, and designed to inspire participants to make small changes in their every day lives. The Ambassadors who lead each challenge come up with the topic and plan its execution.

Monthly challenges started as a result of Panda Ambassadors wanting to do more and stay engaged with little actions for the environment every month. Check out the archive below for our past challenges. Even though these were held in the past, you can always take inspiration from them and share them with your friends and family. Check the Panda Ambassador Mobilize online community for this month's challenge, if we have one. You may also challenge your friends and family to take a challenge with you.

Do you have an idea for a monthly challenge? Check out the how-to guide and then email us with your plan at [email protected]! Leading a monthly challenge can count as one of your yearly projects.


Sustainable Fashion | February 2020 | led by Autumn Ramirez

Reducing Our Water Use | January 2020 | led by Lyssa Manning

Reducing Our Climate Footprint | November 2019 | led by Jenn Tribble

Sustainable Seafood | October 2019 | led by Jill Rolph

Using the Seek app in Nature | August 2019

Reducing Food Waste | July 2019 | led by Autumn Ramirez

Reducing Our Plastic Use | June 2019 | led by Marnie Goldman, Nandita Sampath, Ilana Shemkowitz, and Jill Rolph

Planting Milkweed for Monarchs | May 2019

How to plan and lead a Monthly Challenge