Here’s what major companies and organizations are already saying about The 3% Solution:

  • "This report shows that not taking action to reduce emissions and fight climate change is like leaving big money on the table,” said Chris Librie, Senior Director, Sustainability Programs, HP Sustainability & Social Innovation. “HP is already taking actions in line with those recommended by The 3% Solution. During 2012, we completed a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis to better understand the impact of our company and our products. HP is among the first companies globally to publish this level of information. We work to reduce the impact of our products and operations. In addition, we collaborate with suppliers to improve their environmental performance – resulting in a 24% decrease in production supplier GHG emissions intensity over four years. HP calls on other American businesses to heed the call made in The 3% Solution and capture their share of these savings – all while doing some good for the planet."
  • "This study shows that there are tremendous opportunities for companies to make operational changes that benefit both the environment and their economic bottom-lines," said Jeff Seabright, Vice President, Environment & Water, The Coca-Cola Company. "There is a pressing need for business, government and civil society to work together to pursue these 'no regret' opportunities if we are to stabilize emissions in this decade."
  • "The 3% Solution analysis shows that good environmental stewardship can pay off. DuPont has looked at the important issue of energy efficiency brought up in the report in two ways,” said Linda Fisher, Vice President – Safety, Health & Environment and Chief Sustainability Officer, DuPont. “First, we focused on how to become more energy efficient in our own plants and as a result have realized year-over-year energy cost savings of $230 million. Secondly, we have looked at it from a business growth perspective and focused our science and innovation to create products that will improve the energy efficiency of our customers throughout the value chain. Last year we generated $1.9 billion from products that enable energy efficiency and greenhouse reductions in the use phase."
  • "Sprint is the first and, to date, only U.S. telecom company to publicly announce an absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goal (an absolute 20% of scope 1 and scope 2 by 2017 over 2007 levels)." said Bill White, Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Sprint. "We continue to look for opportunities to drive energy and emission efficiencies and The 3% Solution presents business leaders with strong evidence they can significantly reduce costs and their environmental impact."
  • "Congratulations to World Wildlife Fund and CDP on the release of The 3% Solution,” said Olof Persson, President and CEO, The Volvo Group. “The Volvo Group’s vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions and this robust report further proves what we have already found to be true; that reducing CO2 emissions can simultaneously contribute to the sustainability of companies and the climate. As a Climate Savers partner, the Volvo Group has set meaningful greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and, through our products, are helping our customers do the same. We hope this report helps motivate other companies to make similar commitments."
  • "Mars welcomes this compelling report, the findings of which echo our own belief in climate science based targets and approach to sustainability,” said Kevin Rabinovitch, Mars Global Sustainability Director. “In 2010, Mars committed to become Sustainable in a Generation by eliminating fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in our Operations by 2040 with a 25% reduction by 2015 – in line with the 3% annual goals. A sustainable approach to business is profitable and this report demonstrates we’re not alone in that belief, or the approaches outlined here. We hope businesses will join this movement toward a more sustainable and productive future for all."
  • "J&J understands the critical relationship between human health and a healthy environment,” said Jed Richardson Global Energy Director, Johnson & Johnson. “For more than 30 years, we have been committed to reducing energy usage through efficiency measures that are cost effective and environmentally sound. The 3% Solution does a great job highlighting these win win opportunities that are available to corporations."
  • "Hat’s off to the World Wildlife Fund and CDP for their impressive new report The 3% Solution. This study shines a spotlight on the value of challenging the private sector to address climate change and boost the bottom line,” said Tom Murray, VP Corporate Partnerships, Environmental Defense Fund. “That there is significant ROI for companies pursuing ambitious carbon reduction goals can no longer be overlooked. We are eager and hopeful for the best practices and innovations this study is certain to catalyze."
  • "The 3% Solution confirms what we have always known ... that tackling climate change will yield financial returns for companies that act now," said Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres, a nonprofit sustainability advocacy group. "Ceres applauds WWF and CDP for making the economic case so explicit and for offering a practical "Target & Profit Calculator," which will help companies realize the savings they can expect. Now we just need Washington to establish clearer policies that will galvanize substantially more business action to reduce carbon emissions."
  • "WWF and CDP have teamed up on The 3% Solution, a smart, win/win approach to implementing eco-efficiency in the private sector,” said Thomas P. Lyon, Dow Chair of Sustainable Science, Technology and Policy at the University of Michigan. “The report shows that limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius is still within reach: business can cut emissions in line with this goal and save money in the process. What is required is simply a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 3% per year. The tools for doing so are laid out in the report."