The Green Room

About the Series

We are currently experiencing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. Global temperatures are rising toward the point at which natural systems begin to collapse, triggering irreversible changes and transforming life as we know it. There has never been a more critical moment to talk about the climate crisis—and the solutions to curb global warming and create a planet where people and nature can thrive.

Welcome to The Green Room, a series of conversations between WWF experts and celebrity activists that provide a look into different aspects of the climate crisis and what we can do to stave off the worst impacts of a warming world.

The Green Room

  • State of the Planet

    The conversation around climate change is not new, but it is growing more and more urgent as people and the planet are experiencing the impacts of a warming world more intensely and more frequently.

    Marcene Mitchell, WWF’s senior vice president of climate change, and Kate Walsh, actress and activist, discuss the pressing issue of the climate crisis and provide an overview of the work being done to solve it. Take a moment to hear their conversation and thoughts on the climate crisis.

  • El Estado del planeta

    El diálogo en torno al cambio climático no es algo nuevo, pero se está volviendo cada vez más urgente a medida que las personas y el planeta están sintiendo los impactos de un mundo que se calienta con mayor intensidad y frecuencia.

    Mónica Echeverría, líder de la estrategia hispana de WWF, e Isabella Gomez, actriz y activista, hablan sobre el grave problema de la crisis climática y brindan una descripción general del trabajo que se está realizando para afrontarla y lo que la gente puede hacer para ayudar.

  • How nature can help prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis

    Johan Bergenas, WWF’s senior vice president of oceans, and Lee Rodriguez, actress and activist, and WWF Intern, Niki Agarwal discuss the incredible power of the ocean and the role it plays in the climate crisis.

  • How food impacts the planet

    Heather Wright, WWF’s vice president of the Markets Institute, Ronnie Woo, chef, author, and tv personality, and WWF Conservation Leadership Award winner, Alexa White, talk about food’s impact on the planet and share tips on how to reduce food waste in your home.

  • How disasters, the environment, and climate are related

    Anita van Breda, WWF’s senior director for environment and disaster management, Jeremy Jauncey, CEO and founder of Beautiful Destinations, and Jonelle Palmer, WWF Intern, discuss disaster recovery and how to build resilience for communities impacted by the climate crisis worldwide.

  • Protecting wildlife in a warming world

    Nikhil Advani, WWF’s director of climate, communities, and wildlife, Jane Alexander, actress, writer, and activist, and Allie Ivanoff, WWF Intern, talk about how the climate crisis is impacting important ecosystems, wildlife, and the communities that depend on them.