TNRC Event Using social norm and behaviour change approaches to address corruption and tackle illegal wildlife trade

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Webinar: Using social norm and behavior change approaches to address corruption and tackle illegal wildlife trade

June 27, 2022

9:00am Washington, DC
2:00pm Cambridge, UK
8:00pm Bangkok, Thailand
4:00pm Nairobi, Kenya

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About the event

Can social norm and behavior change (SNBC) approaches help to reduce corruption related to illegal wildlife trade (IWT)? Very possibly. SNBC initiatives have been shown to help combat diverse corruption problems, although for those related to IWT and other areas of conservation and natural resource management, the evidence for doing so is sparse. Join experts from TNRC partner organizations, Basel Institute on Governance and TRAFFIC, for a discussion of the key findings of their recently published study on the topic:

1. What are social norm and behavior change approaches?
2. How can they be used to address corruption?
3. What framework should be used to assess entry points for behavioral interventions?
4. How can practitioners apply these insights to effectively reduce corruption related to IWT?

The study, Behavioural drivers of corruption facilitating illegal wildlife trade: Problem analysis and state of the field review, is available here.

About the speakers

This discussion will be led by Claudia Baez Camargo (Head of Public Governance at the Basel Institute on Governance), and Gayle Burgess (Behaviour Change Programme Leader at TRAFFIC).

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