Welcome to the new worldwildlife.org

  • New website

    Welcome to the new website

    The new site was designed to help tell the story of WWF's work around the world.

  • WWF's new site is responsive by device

    Mobile-friendly design

    We've redesigned the site so that it is "responsive," meaning it will automatically optimize the experience based on the device you are using.

  • Amazon hero image

    Larger compelling imagery

    The new site features larger versions of our amazing photographs, which help tell the story of WWF's work.


  • Sticky navigation

    "Sticky" navigation

    On longer pages, which highlight our work around species, places, and environmental threats, we've added a "sticky nav" tool that allows users to navigate the page easily.

  • Habitats

    Highlighting habitats

    The site features a new section highlighting habitats, and the importance of  the world's diverse ecosystems.


  • Related species

    Clear related content

    The new site uses clear visuals to present related content.

  • Large image carousels

    Large image carousels

    Large image carousels illustrate WWF's work around species, places, environmental threats, and highlight amazing travel opportunites we offer.


Conservation is all about stories—of species saved, landscapes restored, communities engaged and more. So we've designed this new site to tell the tales of WWF's work around the world, which we hope will inspire you to join us in pursuit of a harmonious future for nature and humanity.

The new website also uses a responsive design that adapts to whatever device you are using. So from your desktop computer to your tablet and smartphone, the site will maintain all of our rich content in a user-friendly format.

Start exploring—you can discover more about the species WWF works to protect; learn about the threats to species and places that WWF tackles; watch a video and see how we are all connected; and find out what you can do to make a difference for our planet.

Thank you for your commitment to conservation and your support of WWF.


Carter Roberts

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Carter S. Roberts
President & CEO

Let us know what you think. Please take our survey to provide your feedback on the new site.