Workplace giving: sample email to coworkers

Subject line

Let’s give to WWF at work!


Body of email

[Recipient first name],

It’s that time of year again—workplace giving season. If you haven’t decided who you’ll be giving to through work yet, I wanted to put in a plug for WWF. I just donated to them, and I’m hoping we can get a whole group of us at [Company name] to support them this year. Here’s why.

  • Our money will be put to good use. WWF has been around for more than 50 years and is one of the most trusted environmental organizations in the world, because they really get things done.
  • WWF has helped bring endangered animals like giant pandas, tigers, and amur leopards back from the brink of extinction.
  • They are leading the fight against poachers and wildlife criminals. Just this past year alone, they helped influence new ivory trade regulations in the US, and worked with tech companies to develop groundbreaking new antipoaching technologies.
  • They’re also doing a lot more than just species work—they’re about protecting the entire planet, which includes each of us. They’re fighting the illegal fishing and logging that’s harming our oceans and forests. They’re working with big corporations to help them reduce their environmental footprints. They’re working with world leaders to ensure that we have fresh water, food security and sustainable energy for our future.

This is such important work: It will literally help determine the future of life as we know it on our planet. And yet, it often goes overlooked and unsupported. Only about 4% of corporate giving in the US goes to environmental causes. I really want to change that. Will you help me?

You can get started by visiting And once you donate, spread the word! Thanks for joining with me to help protect the planet.

[Your name here]