Workplace giving: sample email to Green Teams

Subject line

How about a holiday Green Team challenge?


Body of email

Hello Green Team members,

I’m writing all of you because you’re the ones at [Company name] who care the most about the environment. So I hope you’ll join with me this giving season in supporting WWF.

Why? Because the environment doesn’t get a lot of love during giving season…yet. Did you know that currently only about 4% of corporate giving in the US goes to environmental causes? We can do better. So here’s my challenge to you: Let’s use our collective support to help change that number.

WWF may be best known as an organization that protects animals, but they actually work on many environmental issues—including the things that Green Teams care most about, like helping companies protect the planet and make their operations more sustainable.

Every day, they work to protect the things that keep us alive and thriving: our forests, our oceans, our freshwater, our wildlife, our energy supply, and our food supply.

So I hope you’ll join with me in supporting WWF. You can get started by visiting And once you donate, spread the word! I’d really love to see the Green Team put out a challenge to the whole organization to support WWF. Can we make it happen?

[Your name here]