Workplace giving: sample email to leadership

Subject line

Supporting WWF and employee engagement


Body of email

Dear [Name of supervisor or executive]

Charitable giving as a team can be a fun and inspirational employee engagement activity—and since the giving season is about to start here at [Company name], I’d like to suggest that this year we make WWF the focus of a big team giving effort.

I think WWF is the perfect cause for us at [Company name] to get behind—because of both the amazing work they do and their track record of success.

Most people love wild animals, and WWF does incredible work to protect endangered species around the world. They’ve helped bring American bison, giant pandas, tigers, and amur leopards back from the brink of extinction. And they are leaders in the fight against wildlife crime. In fact, just this past year, they helped influence new ivory trade regulations in the US. They’re also working with tech companies to develop groundbreaking new antipoaching technologies. All this adds up to a cause our team could really rally behind and get excited about.

And WWF also does a lot beyond saving species: They’re also working to protect the resources we humans rely on to survive. They’re working with big corporations to help them reduce their environmental footprints; they’re fighting illegal fishing and logging; they’re working with communities to protect their fresh water; and they’re influencing world leaders to ensure that we have food security and sustainable energy for our future.

And finally, much like [Company name], WWF is a leader in their sector, with a stellar reputation. They’ve been around for more than 50 years and are one of the most trusted environmental organizations in the world—one our employees can feel good about supporting.

There are a lot of different ways we can get employees involved in team fundraising. It could be one small team donating together, or a fundraising competition between teams in a division, or even a campaign across the entire company. And if you support it, they’re sure to get excited about it, too.

To find out how to get started, visit There are a number of ideas about how companies can get involved. Or, if you want more information, you can contact a WWF representative via that same page.

Thank you for considering this.


[Your name here]