World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day happens on March 3 every year...

...and celebrates the diversity of life on this planet, from the enormous blue whale to the delicate monarch butterfly. For over 60 years, WWF has sought solutions to protect wildlife by applying the best science available and working closely with local communities and Indigenous peoples.

Unfortunately, we’re losing biodiversity—the rich variety of life on Earth—at an alarming rate. We’ve seen a 69% average decline in the number of birds, amphibians, mammals, fish, and reptiles since 1970, according to the 2022 Living Planet Report. This loss affects our health and well-being—and the future of the planet.

But there is good news. WWF has been part of successful wildlife recovery stories ranging from southern Africa’s black rhino to black-footed ferrets in the Northern Great Plains. And this, in turn, is helping to protect rich and varied ecosystems while ensuring people continue to benefit from nature. World Wildlife Day gives us an opportunity to focus on solutions and see the importance of saving our planet’s incredible wildlife.