WWF and the movie KOATI help protect Latin American wildlife and habitats

KOATI poster

KOATI is the story of three unlikely heroes: Nachi, a free-spirited coati—a racoon-like mammal found in Central and South America; Xochi, a fearless monarch butterfly; and Pako, an energetic glass frog who embark on an exciting adventure to prevent the wicked coral snake Zaina from destroying their home, Xo.

WWF teamed up with KOATI’s producers as the film’s conservation partner, to integrate environmental messages into the film, and to create educational materials featured on the KOATI website, designed to raise awareness about the relevance of nature, and how human and planetary health are interconnected.

KOATI brings to light one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, Latin America, in a crucial moment, when more than ever we need to encourage the world to safeguard our beautiful planet and the people and animals that live on it.

WWF conservation efforts in Latin America are focused on protecting emblematic and endangered species and their habitats such as the ones featured in the film. In Mexico, WWF works with local communities, scientists, and authorities monitoring monarch butterfly populations, tracking the health of the forest where they winter, supporting productive activities such as reforestation, creating pollinator gardens, and forest management practices in the areas where millions of butterflies congregate each year to spend the winter.

In the US, WWF works with leading food companies to help rebuild natural habitats along the monarch migratory flyway, not only for monarch butterflies but other pollinators.

WWF also works to protect jaguars in Latin America. The jaguar is the largest feline in the Americas and the continent’s largest cat. It has lost 50% of its original habitat, and in some countries is already extinct. WWF is working to ensure that Latin American governments take action to conserve this emblematic species, connect its populations so they can find mates and food, reduce poaching and roadside collisions, and reduce conflict with humans.

KOATI was executive produced by Sofia Vergara and Marc Anthony, bringing together a diverse cast of more than 25 Latin stars, musicians, and WWF supporters, to give their voices to an animated adventure movie that celebrates for the first time Latin America’s rainforests and exotic animals.

The film’s message is an important one: together we can save nature, and in turn, we will discover that nature will save us.