WWF condemns political violence and attacks on democracy

January 13, 2021

WWF strongly condemns last week’s attack on American democracy and the ongoing calls for violence. We cannot be silent when so much is at stake for our nation, our sacred institutions, our core values, and our common humanity. The individuals who stormed our Capitol and violated our halls of government were not patriots. This was not a revolution. It was an insurrection bent on derailing a legitimate democratic process and playing on racial fault lines which have divided our country for generations. And it was stoked, shamefully, by some of the very elected officials our country entrusted to faithfully carry out that process. We cannot abide those who willfully ignore the truth, perpetuate lies and incite violence.

Against this backdrop of violence and uncertainty, WWF remains committed to making the world a place where nature and all people can flourish. We stand on the side of science and facts. We stand for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice for historically marginalized and underrepresented communities. And we stand for a future that ensures all Americans share in the benefits of a climate-resilient recovery from the pandemic and the economic collapse of 2020. And that means we stand for upholding our Constitution and ensuring a peaceful transition of power on January 20.

A strong, stable government is a bedrock for durable conservation. The United States has long stood among the most durable democracies on Earth. And for many decades the United States has been at the forefront of environmental progress – from the innovation of our National Parks system, to the landmark environmental laws on Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species of the 1970s, to financing innovative conservation at home and in developing countries across the globe, to its leadership in working with other nations to secure the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015.

For too long, an undercurrent in American politics has questioned science and facts, purposefully spread lies and misinformation, and been stoked by hatred and fear. And let’s be clear: it often casts Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, and minority faith groups, as the ones we should fear. We unequivocally reject these efforts and we will fight to ensure that all people have their voices heard and their rights and opportunities respected and upheld.

We have so much work to do to heal our planet and repair our broken relationship with nature. But that has to begin with healing our democracy. At WWF, we pledge to do our part and look forward to working with the new Congress, the Biden Administration, local communities, and all our other partners to restore faith in the democratic institutions of our country, to bridge our differences just as we are building a green and equitable recovery from COVID-19, and we urge all Americans to join us in doing the same.