WWF Impact

Wild innovations. 

Bold investments.

When WWF Impact invests, the world changes faster.

WWF Impact supports investment solutions to solve some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing people and the planet. We seek to identify innovations and business models that have been neglected by mainstream markets but have the potential to help combat the climate crisis. The companies we support aim to be leaders in delivering measurable benefits to the ecosystems and communities in which they operate.

Our primary area of focus is the food system. New food production methods and circular approaches are needed to feed a growing population, reverse biodiversity loss, and facilitate adaptation. WWF’s decades of experience and global network position us to identify the strategies and solutions that are poised to succeed and make a dent in these intractable challenges.

Through impact investing, we amplify our conservation work. When WWF Impact invests, the world changes faster.

Our approaches:

Catalytic Investing

We provide catalytic capital to early-stage companies advancing positive social and environmental change.

WWF Impact raises and deploys impact-driven funding in the form of equity-investments into early-stage companies operating in nascent sectors that, while overlooked by mainstream venture capital, can generate profound planetary benefits. We anticipate that as our portfolio companies grow, they will seek to demonstrate market viability and gain traction addressing global conservation challenges.

Market Partnerships

We partner with investment managers to identify and accelerate sustainable approaches driving environmental benefits at scale.

Spurring sustainability across mature markets requires investment in large-scale production and supply chain improvements. WWF Impact is partnering with experienced asset managers to support investment into companies that are uniquely positioned to deliver conservation benefits that prioritize human and planetary health. We serve as impact advisors to fund managers building portfolios that are grounded in holistic impact, aligned with scientific best practices, and centered around communities.