Bingo Bash

Every year over 11 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans. If we don’t course correct, there could be more plastic waste in the ocean than fish by weight in 2050. WWF and Bingo Bash have partnered together to host an in-game event, “Clean the Ocean”, to help educate gamers about how plastic pollution is affecting these fragile marine ecosystems. GSN Games – the parent company of Bingo Bash – will also be donating a minimum of $100,000 to support WWF’s ocean conservation efforts.

For a week in September 2021, Bingo Bash players are able to participate in a mini-game where they clear plastic waste from their in-app home screen by completing Bingos. By seeing facts about ocean-plastic pollution and learning how they can reduce plastic waste, WWF can educate thousands of Bingo Bash players about the effects of plastic waste on ocean ecosystems.

In 2020 there were 80 billion mobile game downloads, and people spend on average 4.2 hours per day playing mobile games. We believe that bringing conservation storytelling into games that people love can help teach this massive audience the importance of protecting the environment and inspire people to take action, change behaviors, and educate others about critical environmental issues such as plastic pollution.

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