When Universal Pictures released Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax movie in 2012, HP recognized the opportunity to educate and engage its own customers in sustainability. Through a partnership with Universal Pictures, HP developed a consumer engagement campaign to teach customers about the things they can do to help conserve the world’s forests, like purchasing sustainable paper, recycling used ink cartridges, and choosing energy efficient printers. To amplify this message, HP and WWF joined efforts to educate consumers about sustainability and raise funds to protect the world’s forests. As part of this collaboration, HP made an upfront donation of $50,000 to WWF to support mangrove forest conservation on the island of Borneo in Indonesia and the protection of the Proboscis monkey, an endangered species. HP donated an additional $39,186 to WWF’s forest conservation program by donating $1 for every The Lorax personalized storybook sold, and by donating $1 for every eco-themed challenge completed in The Truffula Project.

Collaborating to conserve forests: HP and WWF project goes beyond responsible sourcing toward a healthier planet

Our forests are in crisis. Nearly half of all global forests are under threat of deforestation and forest degradation, which represents a major risk to global climate, biodiversity, water, people, and businesses who depend on healthy forests. HP is one company that’s responding to this need for action.

Stream of water surrounded by forest at Figueira trail, Carlos Botelho State Park, São Paulo, Brazil.