Lilly Pulitzer and Nabisco Animal Crackers

Lilly Pulitzer continued their support of WWF in 2010, collaborating with Nabisco Animal Crackers on a limited edition Lilly Pulitzer print for the Animal Crackers packaging. Kraft Foods, Nabisco Animal Crackers’ parent company, previously supported WWF’s tiger conservation work at Bukit Barisian Seletan Project, a Sumatran national park. In March 2010, Nabisco Animal Crackers distributed 1 million limited edition Lilly Pulitzer print boxes in grocery retail stores nationwide. Lilly Pulitzer also featured the cookies in their signature stores, providing a new retail outlet for the Nabisco brand. The associate brand manager for Nabisco Animal Crackers noted “Our collaboration with WWF helped contemporize our brand with people who love it by associating it with a relevant, timely issue.” In addition, Nabisco Animal Crackers saw a “healthy lift in sales” due to the promotion. Kraft Foods and Nabisco Animal Crackers donated $100,000 in connection with this promotion and the funds directly supported WWF’s tiger conservation.