two women discussing forest restoration

Two women sit on the grassy ground, one holds a notepad taking notes and each wear face masks

Clarice Campera Bueno (right) and Ana Paula Silva discuss plans for forest restoration in the 16 de Maio settlement in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Clarice is a small-scale rural producer in the municipality of RamilâIndia and, among other activities on the property, she works with dairy cattle and is the main point of contact for restoration work at the settlement site. At the site, there is a pasture area with two springs, close to where this photo was taken. In all, 1 hectare of land will be restored within the site, with 0.5 hetare around each spring, including seedlings planted and fences installed. The project will also provide equipment for the fencing, which will be installed by Clarice and her husband. In the photo, taken on August 4th, 2021, Ana, project coordinator at Mater Natura (WWF's NGO partner), collects information about the property to carry out the restoration activity. As they were in the area where the planting will take place, they decided to collect the information sitting on the ground.