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Red alders and ferns in the Quinault temperate rainforest

How Congress Can Protect Forests

  • Date: 30 April 2024

Today’s episode is about a piece of legislation currently pending in the US Congress that could make a big difference for global forest conservation: the FOREST Act. This bill would create new requirements and incentives for companies to ensure that the products they import into the US are not associated with illegal deforestation.


This matters now more than ever because forests are a critical ally in our global fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, and because we’re still losing forests like the Amazon far too quickly. Last year we lost about 10 soccer fields worth of forest every minute. The FOREST Act could help reverse that trend. Today’s episode features a conversation with Stephanie Cappa, WWF’s director for policy and government affairs. You’ll hear Stephanie talk about what’s driving deforestation around the world (2:12), the nuts and bolts of how the FOREST Act would work (9:15) and where it currently stands in Congress (22:20). Stephanie also gives a quick update on some other priority legislation for this year, including the Farm Bill (25:28).