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  • Date: 30 May 2023

The link between travel and conservation goes back at least to the 1860s, when President Lincoln signed the Yosemite Act, setting aside a large area in California for “public use, resort, and recreation.” But are travel and conservation still compatible? Joining the show to help answer that question is Jim Sano, WWF’s Vice President for Travel, Tourism, and Conservation. 

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  • Date: 07 March 2023

To mark International Women’s Day, this week’s episode focuses on an exciting new initiative that WWF is involved with to advance women- and community-led solutions to climate challenges. It’s an outgrowth of an alliance that WWF has with CARE, the global development organization that works to address poverty and hunger, with a focus on gender equality. 

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  • Date: 07 February 2023

Three-quarters of the infrastructure expected to exist by 2050 hasn’t even been built yet. That means that the way we build infrastructure – where it goes, what it’s made of, and which energy sources it facilitates – will have a huge impact on the world’s ability to meet global climate and biodiversity goals.

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  • Date: 10 January 2023

Whether it’s wild elephants consuming a village’s crops, or a raccoon getting into a household’s trash, human-wildlife conflict is present everywhere and can lead to significant challenges. 

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