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Advocates Gather in Washington to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

A flashmob of more than 100 advocates gathered in Washington DC’s historic Dupont Circle on Thursday afternoon to raise awareness about climate change and our need to prepare for its impacts.

Advocates “froze” for several minutes, each holding an open umbrella to remind the public that more extreme weather events will be the new norm if our nation fails to meaningfully address climate change.

Right now, Superstorm Sandy has more and more people talking about how climate change is fueling extreme weather.

To deal with these impacts, we need to create communities that are stronger, more resilient and better prepared for the future. If we use the best science as our guide and recognize the significant changes ahead, we can lessen some of the risks from future superstorms. At the same time, we must also sharply reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling climate disruptions.

To that end, the flashmob aimed to reinforce the need for a serious national conversation about the climate change threat, and how to better prepare our communities for extreme weather events.

To find out how you can take action in your own community, check out the Earth Hour City Challenge – an initiative begun earlier this year to encourage U.S. cities to prepare for increasingly extreme weather and promote renewable energy. Forward-thinking cities are addressing these escalating threats through implementation of practical measures that make their communities safer and healthier. This includes improving air quality, protecting limited water supplies, reducing urban flooding and empowering citizens to better protect themselves and their homes.

WWF’s official statement on superstorm Sandy is available here.