Apps for Earth Raises $8 Million For The Planet

For 10 days in April, Apple and 24 developers worked together to launch Apps for Earth, a global campaign to help the planet, one app at a time. Through interactive and educational content created exclusively for Apps for Earth, the campaign gave participants an opportunity to actively engage in conservation and contribute to WWF’s mission.

With 100% of the proceeds from participating apps and In-App Purchases going to support WWF’s conservation work, Apps for Earth raised awareness among hundreds of millions of people and generated more than $8 million in total proceeds. In response to the campaign’s achievements, WWF issued the following statement from Carter Roberts, president and CEO:

“Apps for Earth proved small actions really can equal big change. This campaign boosts our efforts to protect the world’s forests, oceans, fresh water and wildlife, and combat the dual threats of climate change and unsustainable food production.

“Our work rests on engaging hundreds of millions around the world - to understand our profound reliance on the Earth and to act to protect the natural world that supports all of us.

“I was blown away by the devotion that Apple and the 24 developers brought to this campaign. Their creativity and heroic effort brought our mission and our work into people’s lives at an enormous scale. It is our hope that Apps for Earth has left a permanent mark on everyone who participated and inspires a new wave of conservationists.”