Asia’s Tiger Farms Face Increasing Scrutiny at CITES

Today CITES increased scrutiny on Asia’s tiger farms. Countries unanimously rejected a proposal by China to remove the existing requirement to control tiger farms. In addition, Laos confirmed it will close all its tiger farms. In response, WWF issued the following statement from Heather Sohl, chief advisor for wildlife at WWF-UK:

“The decision made today by CITES to review captive tiger facilities will provide much needed insight into these illicit practices. There has been an international ban on the trade in tigers and their products for decades yet poaching remains the greatest threat to their survival – and it is clear that captive breeding facilities are playing an increasing role in the illegal trade.

“In 2007, CITES passed a motion to tackle the role of tiger farms in the illegal trade. Nine years later, Asia has more tiger farms, more tigers in them and more tiger trafficking. We are running out of time. However, with today’s agreements, along with the continued efforts of conservationists, we hope that tiger farms will soon be a thing of the past.”

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