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Bush Energy Proposal - Blueprint for More Global Warming

Statement by Jennifer Morgan Director Climate Change Campaign World Wildlife Fund

"President Bush's budget is a blueprint for increasing global warming offering backward-looking solutions at a time when Americans want to look forward toward a sustainable energy future.

"President Bush has acknowledged the threat global warming poses to the environment. Yet, his budget will only exacerbate this threat, by slashing important energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that help curb carbon emissions. President Bush is again assaulting efforts to address global warming.

"The Department of Energy has noted that its most successful energy efficiency and renewable energy activities have already saved consumers and businesses around $30 billion. Rather than expanding these programs to reduce consumer energy bills and global warming pollution, President Bush has cut some of these programs by 50% or more and proposed expanding oil and coal exploration. This will do nothing to comfort Americans faced with high energy prices this summer, and only further harm air quality. These industry subsidies for dirty fuels are not the energy policy answers Americans are looking for.

"The Administration wants America to believe that there is a clean, environmentally benign way to explore for out dated fossil fuels. There isn't. Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as the President endorses, will fundamentally alter the habitat and landscape of one of America's last pristine wilderness areas. In addition, saying we can have "clean coal" is like saying we can have healthy cigarettes. Heavy carbon fuels like coal are the biggest contributors to global warming, and we must instead invest in advanced clean energy technologies and sources.

"The world - other governments, Americans, and endangered wildlife -- is waiting for us to take action to stop global warming. The Administration's current position increases global warming and threatens communities and wildlife around the globe."