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Climate Summit - It's Not Over

Statement by Jennifer Morgan Director, WWF Climate Change Campaign

At the outset of the Climate Summit two weeks ago, World Wildlife Fund urged the United States to help break the rising trend of carbon pollution and ensure a deal with environmental integrity in The Hague. The UN negotiations on climate change ended without agreement Saturday, missing an opportunity to curb global warming, but it is not over. Climate change continues and the world waits for an agreement.

Nations must move forward today and work to turn the tide of global warming pollution that threatens both wildlife and people around the world - the vulnerable cannot continue to wait for nations to act to address climate change.

World Wildlife Fund calls on nations to return to the negotiating table as soon as possible and renew efforts to forge an agreement that all countries, and the world's wildlife, can live with. We are hopeful that it can be done, and we know that it must be done.