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Congressional Action on Keystone XL Sends Mixed Signals in Advance of UN Climate Talks

In response to today’s Senate action on the Keystone XL pipeline, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Lou Leonard, vice president, climate change:

“As international leaders work toward a new global climate pact in 2015, decisions in the United States are being watched closely. Last week’s presidential actions already are catalyzing new steps by other countries. Momentum is building. The US can’t send mixed signals at this critical time.

“On the eve of the UN climate talks in Lima, Congress’ attempt to circumvent the Administration’s decision-making process and preemptively approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline threatens to undercut our credibility and slow momentum. As the world's largest economy and second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the US must build upon last week’s announcements and continue to exert strong leadership in charting a course for a zero-carbon energy future.

“The implications of building the Keystone XL pipeline go beyond climate change. It would accelerate fragmentation of a globally important ecosystem, bisecting America’s last great swath of grassland, home to a diversity of wildlife unique to this region. The project not only would degrade and fragment wildlife habitat, it would also open the door to accelerating oil and gas development, with associated greenhouse emissions, and potentially devastating pipeline spills, which are all too common.”