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Don't Vote Against The Environment

Statement by Jennifer Morgan Director, Climate Change Campaign World Wildlife Fund

"Today the Appropriations Committee considers a bill that would block the U.S. from working with the international community to address the threat of global warming. The Emerson / Knollenberg rider on the Agriculture Appropriations bill must be stopped.

"World Wildlife Fund sees a vote for this rider as a vote against the environment-a vote against curbing global warming. We encourage members of the Appropriations Committee to support Representative DeLauro's efforts to delete this language, for the sake of the environment.

"American's have shown time and again that they care about the future of the world's wildlife and wild spaces. Global warming threatens habitats around the world, and this rider would prevent the U.S. from protecting the environment that American's care about."

This rider prohibits funds to be used for the Kyoto Protocol with special emphasis on emissions trading schemes and the Clean Development Mechanisms-preventing the U.S. from protecting its interests in negotiating an international treaty on climate change. If this rider passes, U.S. hands will be tied and government officials will be barred from:

  • sharing the experiences fighting pollution with market-based mechanisms,
  • creating market opportunities for several U.S. industrial sectors abroad,

The U.S. would be prohibited from providing the much-needed technical assistance to developing countries so that they may build the capacity to effectively limit greenhouse gas emissions and share the responsibility to fight climate change. In fact, the rider may be unconstitutional in that it attempts to override the Executive Branch's authority and represent U.S. interests to negotiate treaties prior to submission to the Senate for ratification.